Terms & Conditions


The term “the Company” refers to FAST Limited, its subsidiaries and associates.

The term “the purchaser” refers to the person, firm, company, corporate entity or incorporated club or society with whom the Company enters into a contract to sell to.


For credit account holders all invoices are payable on the 20th of the month following the month of delivery of goods. For all other sundry sales payment is required in advance prior to delivery of goods.

Failure to pay any amount by the due date shall be in breach of these trading terms and the Company may in respect of any such amounts, without prejudice to any other rights or remedies it may have, charge PENALTY INTEREST at such rates as determined by the Company until payment is received in full.

If any amount is in dispute, the undisputed portion shall be payable in accordance to the normal terms and conditions of trading. Payment of the disputed portion may be withheld provided the matter is brought to the Company’s attention immediately it is discovered and a letter of explanation setting out the particulars of the dispute is sent to the Company within 5 working days of the dispute arising.

Trade discounts may be disallowed where amounts have not been paid by the due date.

The Company may, without prejudice to any other rights and remedies it may have, recover costs or expenses incurred by the Company in instructing solicitors and/or debt collecting agencies to recover amounts overdue for payment and such costs and expenses may bear interest from the date from which they are paid until the date of reimbursement.


Title in the goods shall not pass to the purchaser until all or any monies owing to the Company in respect to those goods have been paid by the purchaser. Receipt by the Company of any cheque or other bill of exchange or any promissory note shall not be deemed to be payment or conditional payment until honored or cleared and until such time, shall not prejudice or affect the Company’s rights, powers or remedies against the purchaser and/or the goods.


Goods must be examined immediately they are received and in case of damage, the carrier and the Company must be notified, within 48 hours of receipt, full details of the damage and apparent loss, to be confirmed in writing within another 5 working days.

If an order is executed correctly, the acceptance of returned goods is at the Company’s discretion and consent by the company must be given before the goods are returned. All requests for a credit must be lodged within 5 working days of receiving the goods and a return charge may be made to cover clerical and other expenses while the purchaser shall pay for any delivery and/or insurance charges applicable.

Goods are supplied subject to all conditions, warranties and limitations implied by law, provided however that the extent of the Company’s liability shall be limited to the replacement of the faulty goods only.

It is expressly agreed that the Company is not liable for any damage consequential on or resulting from any goods found to be defective or in any way unsuitable.


All prices exclude Goods and Services Tax (GST). Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. We make great efforts to ensure the prices and specifications of our goods are as accurate and as up to date as possible. However given the nature of the goods we supply, the availability, price or specifications of goods can change rapidly. We therefore accept no liability should any of the goods be unavailable or if prices or specifications differ from those presented on this web site.