Metal First Aid Cabinet – Lockable with Contents

First Aid Cabinet with contents that is lockable.

Contents Include:

2x Tri Bandages 2x 5cm Bandages 2x 7.5cm Bandages

2x Combine Dressings 4x Gauze Swabs 4x Non Adherent Dressings

5x Saline 6x Wipes 1x Antiseptic Cream 2x Eye Pads

1x Plasters 100 1x Dressing Strip 1M 1x Tape

1x 2pr Gloves 2x Wound Dressing Bandage 1x CPR Mask

1x Thermal Blanket 1x Splinter Probe 1x Steri Strip

1x Scissors 1x Tweezer 1x Safety Pins 1x First Aid Notes

Size of the cabinet 30cm x 14cm x 39cm