Bandages are generally made from gauze, a soft material which doesn’t irritate the skin. We use bandages to apply dressings, apply pressure, immobilise a part of the body and support an injury in first aid. The types of bandages used in first aid include triangular, elastic, adhesive and many others. Most first aid kits contain crepe bandages for the immediate support of sprains and to cover dressings on large wounds.

How to use crepe bandages

  • Depending on the type of injury, you want to place the affected limb in the most comfortable position for the patient. Support the limb as you prepare to apply the bandage.
  • Position the bandage where you plan to start with the tail against the skin, while keeping the roll tight. Unroll it a few centimetres at a time as you form a dressing.
  • Start with a locking turn, where the loose tail is held in place by an overlapping strip of bandage.
  • Form the dressing by wrapping the body or limb at an angle so that each turn covers two-thirds of the previous one.
  • Completely cover any pads or dressings on wounds.
  • Finish the dressing with a straight turn and secure it with a safety pin or medical tape.